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Fabulous Caribbean Dinner at Orchid 7

Many thanks to Drs Karen McAlmon (neonatology), Lucienne Sanchez (neonatology), Marie-Ange Alexandre(Internal Medicine), Sharon Marable (Internal Medicine), Jeannette Callahan (Pediatrics) and Dr. Xenia Bhembe (Child Psychiatry) who joined Dr. Asante at Orchid 7 Fusion last night for some awesome Caribbean food! We talked about so so many things including the ingredients for a successful career: hard work, mentorship, sponsorship, a good dose of luck and most importantly-betting on yourself! The food was delicious, and the ambience and staff welcoming.

This was the first restaurant we visited where we saw a table of Black women 5 gathered together as we individually entered the door. Each of us thought that this was the diva doc table but it turned out to be just another group of Black women enjoying each other's company!

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