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National Black Women's Physicians Day

February 8. 2023

Dear Diva Doc Family,

Today Feb 8 2023 is National Black Women's Physicians Day in honor of the first Black woman doctor in the US--Rebecca Lee Crumpler MD who was born on Feb 8 1831 and graduated New England Women's Medical College in 1864. To celebrate today we have some exciting news! We are creating an email listserv just for premedical and medical students to answer your questions, share mentorship, sponsorship and networking opportunities. If you identify as a Black woman and are a premedical student, medical student or recent graduate of college/medical school, email Dr. Asante at with your name, college/medical school name, current year, or graduation year and best contact email for the listserv. Please email even if you think you are already registered on the site. Happy Black Women Physician's Day to all current and aspiring medical doctors!

Philomena Asante, MD, MPH

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