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Thank You Diva Docs!

Many thanks to Drs Lisa Crossley(Anesthesia), Kimberly Cox(Anesthesia), Irosa Abu(Anesthesia), Marilyn Griffin(Pulmonary) and Carmon Davis(Pediatrics-Primary Care) and Philomena Asante(Pediatrics-College Health) who attended the Diva Docs event on 2/18 at MIDA in Newton. Great Food. Great Conversation. Lots of Networking.

Had there been an emergency nearby in a (pediatric) OR, our table had the critical care team needed to assist!

Our next event is FRIDAY February 24th at Comfort Kitchen in Upham's Corner in Dorchester. Like MIDA, Comfort Kitchen is a Black-owned restaurant and that's one small way in which we are celebrating Black History Month!

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What a power team - great to see you all. - Nancy

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