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What a Healthcare Expert Looks Like

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

October 6, 2022

The Black Women M.D. Network connects Black women doctors to high visibility leadership opportunities in the media. We are building a membership portal with a membership directory and resume bank that will make it easier for reporters and other interested parties to find Black women doctors who are experts in their field.

In June 2022, a reporter reached out me with the request to interview a Black woman doctor-oncologist for an upcoming article on breast cancer and mammograms. I reached out to our members and gastroenterologist Dr. Nneka Ufere responded by recommending her MGH colleague Dr. Salewa Oseni, a breast surgical oncologist. I then connected Dr. Oseni to the reporter. The process is an example of strategic networking and intentional sponsorship. It's also an example Black women doctors lifting up other Black women doctors, something we need more of.

Here's the final article in Coverage! Along with the award-winning Diva Docs Boston article series in Coverage, this article is changing the image of what a health care expert looks like.

Dr. Philomena Asante

Philomena Asante, MD, MPH

Executive Director, Diva Docs Black Women M.D. Network

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