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Three Diva Docs Went To Dinner...

February 25, 2023

Last night, three Diva Docs-a dermatologist(Dr. Jennifer Jenkins), Ob/Gyn(Dr. Lucy Lomas) & a pediatrician(Dr. Philomena Asante)-dined at Comfort Kitchen, a Black-owned, immigrant-owned, woman-owned restaurant in the vibrant Boston neighborhood of Dorchester to celebrate Black History Month.

We talked about our jobs(seriously, we're gonna be OK!), our dreams(YES girl, GO FOR IT!), & children: 4y(enjoy them--go do some face painting!), 9y &12y(forgive them--yes, everyday!), 19y(yeah, forgive them even more)! Great food, drinks, ambience and service. Fabulous animated conversation and laughter with fellow Black women doctors who just get it!. It was the perfect end to a busy week! We thank these Diva Docs for coming to another one of our small meal gatherings!

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